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Labyrinths for your Workplace

  • Team Building workshops

  • Increased mindfulness

  • Improved well-being

  • Connection to self

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase calm

What's Included

  • 18' diameter labyrinth

  • Up to 3 people can walk the labyrinth simultaneously  

  • Sound bath (soothing music to enhance the experience connected via wireless Bluetooth speaker)

  • Ambient lighting using flameless candles 

  • Use of mindful/coaching cards for inspiration and reflection 

  • Information sheets on what a labyrinth is with guidance on how to use

  • Take home finger labyrinth 

  • Set up and take down 

  • Partial proceeds go to Spirit of the Children Society (Indigenous not-for-profit) in honour of economic reconciliation 

  • Optional add-on: team building workshop


*Shoes must be removed before walking the labyrinth

*Labyrinth can be used outside (weather dependent) or if protected with an overhead covering 

*$300 Damage deposit is required to hold the reservation (damage deposit returned if no damage)

Workshop - 2.5hrs

Team building workshop designed to build connection and deepen rapport with team members. 


  • Open the circle in a good way with check-in prompt.

  • Circle format for ultimate container of sharing and connection (chairs set up around the labyrinth).

  • Teaching on circle format rooted in Ojibwe-Metis culture.

  • Teachings on labyrinth purpose, intention, and use.

  • Participants bring "sacred item" - object that has personal significance to them to place in centre of the labyrinth (could be a book, piece of jewelry, cultural item, a favourite mantra/quote written down, etc).

  • Big circle sharing and small group discussions.

  • Written journal activity. 

  • Close the circle in a good way with check-out prompt. 

Note: Workshops are intended for max 12 people 

Rates (workshop + labyrinth)

Workshop + labyrinth (keep labyrinth for up to 48 hours)

Workshop + labyrinth (keep labyrinth for full work week - M-F)

$1500+ tax | (Includes 2.5hr workshop)

$1800+ tax | (Includes 2.5hr workshop)

Note: $300 damage deposit is required to secure your booking (returned in full if no damage)

Workshops are suitable for up to 12 people

Rates (labyrinth only)

Single day (weekday: up to 10 hours)

Two days (weekdays: 13-48hrs)

Work week (M-F)

$250+tax | (equivalent of $25/hr)

$400+ tax | (equivalent of $8/hr for 48hrs)

$700+ tax | (equivalent of $6/hr for 5 days)

Note: $300 damage deposit is required to secure your booking (returned in full if no damage)

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