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White Sand and Stone

Workshops for your Workplace

Increased mindfulness, improved well-being, reduce stress, enhanced connection to self, rooted in reconciliation.

What's included:


18' diameter labyrinth

Information sheets on what a labyrinth is with guidance on how to use

Up to 3 people can walk the labyrinth simultaneously

Take home finger labyrinth for all guests

Sound bath (soothing music to enhance the experience connected via wireless Bluetooth speaker)

Ambient lighting using flameless candles

Set up and take down 

Partial proceeds go to Spirit of the Children Society (Indigenous not-for-profit) in honour of economic reconciliation 

Use of mindful/coaching cards for inspiration and reflection

Optional add-on: team building workshop


Shoes must be removed before walking the labyrinth

Labyrinth can be used inside or outside

$600 Damage deposit is required to hold the reservation (damage deposit returned if no damage)

High Fives

Team building workshop designed to build connection and deepen rapport with team members. Enhance bond as a team/group.


Open the circle in a good way with check-in prompt.

Circle format for ultimate container of sharing and connection.

Participants bring "sacred item" - object that has personal significance to them (could be a book, piece of jewelry, cultural item, a favourite mantra/quote written down, etc).

Big circle sharing and small group discussions to debrief experience.

Teaching on circle format rooted in Ojibwe-Metis culture.

Written journal activity.

Teachings on labyrinth purpose, intention, and use.

Close the circle in a good way with check-out prompt. 


  • Workshops are intended for max 15 people 

  • Workshops can be customized to centre around a topic/question of the client's choosing (e.g. Corporate vision statement; leadership; strategy etc)

Team Building

*Rate (Workshop + labyrinth rental)

Workshop + labyrinth (keep labyrinth for up to 24 hours)

Workshop + labyrinth (keep labyrinth for up to 3 days)

Please inquire | (Includes 2hr workshop)

Please inquire | (Includes 2hr workshop)


$600 damage deposit is required to secure your booking (returned in full if no damage)

Workshops are suitable for up to 14 people

*Not-for-profit and public school rates available. Inquire to find out more.

Single day (weekday: up to 10 hours)

Two days (Weekdays: 11-48 hours)

Work week (M-F)

$400 + tax | (equivalent of $40/hr)

$500 + tax | (equivalent of $10.40/hr for 48 hours)

$700 + tax | (equivalent of $5.80/hr for 5 days)


$600 damage deposit is required to secure your booking (returned in full if no damage)

Labyrinth rentals
Wellbeing & Reconciliation

Reconciliation & Workplace Well-Being (Virtual)

We’re at a turning point in society where we are being called towards truth, reconciliation, justice, equity, diversity, and change.

This journey can feel overwhelming and dizzying especially for large organizations. There’s so much work to do…where does one even begin?

If you’re like many of the folks we've spoken to, you might even feel frozen in fear—afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing, leading you to take no action at all.

That is why Ariana Fotinakis (decolonial business coach + breathwork facilitator) and I have partnered up so we can help.

We designed this four part series to allow team members to connect with themselves and offer tools for holistic well-being—mind, body, emotion, and spirit—to equip them on their inner reconciliation journey, as every journey starts with the self.

Well-being and reconciliation go hand-in-hand as a rising tide life ALL canoes. Let’s ensure we all rise and thrive together

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