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Rock Maze


Labyrinths are thousands of years old and can be found around the world. Research shows there are ample benefits to walking a labyrinth. At Vancity Labyrinths we use the traditional Chartres style.

Labyrinth Benefits

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I loved the feeling of walking as I processed my thoughts. It helped me feel grounded. This is a fantastic new tool in mindfulness that many people could benefit from for their mental health and to help them feel more connected to themselves and others.

- Nikita S.

Baby shower guest

I believe the labyrinth is a catalyst to get people thinking and feeling what is important to them and others they care about. It is simple and effective.

- James W
Baby shower guest

It helped to take some weight off my shoulders. I feel much more relaxed now

- Unknown Guest

New West Farmers Market

The labyrinth experience with Vanessa was exactly what I needed that day....during the meditative walk I was able to slow down my breathing, reconnect with myself and gain a sense of inner peace. Relaxing music in the background helped me tune into the present moment. I felt moved, touched and inspired.

- Mila A

Baby shower guest

Quiet reflection. Looking inwards, this elegant idea allows for true introspection.

- Michael B

New West Farmers Market

I felt calm and peaceful.

- Odin (10 years old)

Walking through the labyrinth helped me to see the "big picture", get rid of fear and understand my priorities. The whole ritual with candles, music, sharing circle was designed to help me to review my problems, let them go and to understand what really matters. Thanks to Vanessa's support and guidance I could reinvent myself

- Workshop Participant

I really enjoyed learning about the symbology and traditions associated with labyrinths. Now I can walk the labyrinth near my place with more intention. It's about connecting with myself. The labyrinth is a great addition to my daily mindfulness practices.

- Workshop Participant

It made me feel little lighter and despite whatever challenges i have in life, i am grateful for everything i have.

- Workshop Participant

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